A Bleak Reflection



  1. The Ephemeral Burden
  2. Ablaze In Autumn's Fire
  3. Nocturnal Splendour
  4. Cease to Be
  5. Crimson Black Bleeding
  6. Cold Is the Grave
  7. Longing
  8. The Mourner

Released February 1, 2010

‘A Bleak Reflection’ was recorded at Unit 2 / Barking Dog Studio and mixed at Parlour Studios during June/July 2009.

Craig Land – Vocals
Roman Subbotin – Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Shoi Sen – Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Arran McSporran – Fretless and Fretted Bass
Nick Tingle – Drums

Pippa Mason – cello on ‘The Ephemeral Burden’ and ‘The Mourner’
Shoi Sen – piano on ‘The Ephemeral Burden’

All music written and arranged by De Profundis. Lyrics by Craig Land.
Engineered by Fernando Pereira Lopes.
Produced by Fernando Pereira Lopes and De Profundis.
Mastered by Tim Turan at Turan Audio, UK.
Photography and Artwork by Darryll Jones.
Logo by Christophe Szpajdel.

Album Reviews

“8/10 - In a way, De Profundis came up in the wrong decade. In the ’90s, they would have fit right in with the Peaceville Three. Their brand of doom metal is very melodic, very English... [But] in a way, De Profundis came up in the right decade... Not only have they mastered the Peaceville Three vibe, they’ve also studied death and black metal... This record has the organic feel of Individual Thought Patterns, but with a much wider palette... The real magic is in the combination [of the ingredients]. Melodies twist and rub against each other; sometimes they embrace, but at other times they grapple. Then they disappear down holes of deep riffing, only to re-emerge lusher than before, layered with clean tones and hushed vocals. Like the best dark chocolate, the taste is bittersweet. Unlike so much of modern doom, there’s light, however flickering, at the end of the tunnel.”
Decibel Magazine USA (Review of A Bleak Reflection)