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Today, De Profundis’ incredible visual realisation of their latest album, The Blinding Light Of Faith continues with the release of the powerful video that portrays the song ‘Martyrs’. As the band have explained, this album confronts head on the power of the three Abrahamic religions and with ‘Martyrs’ they take an unflinching stand against Islamic extremism.

Guitarist Paul Nazarkardeh explains the band’s stance on what can be a controversial subject…

“Martyrs continues The Blinding Light of Faith’s exploration of the evils committed in the name of Abrahamic religion. We invite people from ALL nations, creeds, colours, origins and walks of life to unite in condemnation against those who justify the cold blooded murder of the innocent with a perverted vision of sexual conquests in the afterlife. For those upset by the nature of the song or the video… You should be. It’s an upsetting subject.”

Together with the creator of the unfolding series of videos, Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art, De Profundis have created a brave and powerful artistic statement that tackles an issue which impacts on all of our lives.

The ‘Martyrs’ video is being hosted exclusively by the band’s record label, the Indian powerhouse of extreme metal, Transcending Obscurity.

This Friday UK fans will be able to see De Profundis unleashing multiple tracks from The Blinding Light Of Faith, live at Bloodstock Open Air, along with Emperor, Judas Priest, Gojira and many more top names. De Profundis will be performing on Friday afternoon on the Sophie Lancaster stage, which will be headlined by metal legend Doro Pesch.

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