“‘De Profundis’ have crafted their darkest material yet with ‘Frequencies’. Between the pounding rhythms, bass driven tone, melodic and maddening riffs, licks and interludes and vocals straight from the void, this tightly ordered unit have evoked a beautifully disordered and chaotic style. They’ve excelled at capturing the magic of Death Metal’s early primordial creations. Given their affinity for constantly integrating new sounds into their style, the future could yield some singular results for this British 5 piece. I for one shall be keeping a close eye on their progress.”

—  Sam Smart, Devils Gate Media

“In producing a record of the quality of ‘the emptiness within’, De Profundis have raised the bar for extreme metal bands everywhere. Here you will find riffs that shatter your peace of mind, moments of sublime beauty, musicianship that is quite simply beyond reproach and astute, innovative song-writing skill. There is not a weak moment, not a bum note or poor performance anywhere to be found and whilst De Profundis themselves may go on to top this remarkable piece of work, it’s hard to imagine anyone else doing so… not this year at least. If you consider yourself a fan of metal in any shape or form this is quite simply an essential album”

—  Phil, Sonic Abuse.com

“Touching back on the Opeth comparison, The Emptiness Within is more like Blackwater Park’s younger, but much crazier, sister. She likes to go out every night and hit up the clubs, get super drunk, drop a couple happy pills, dance her pants off and take home random strangers to cap off a fun-filled evening. She doesn’t have the same level of couth as her older sister, but that doesn’t mean she’s an unpleasant person to be around.”

—  Troy Killjoy, Metalstorm.net

“The Emptiness Within has a lot to offer fans of progressive metal who aren’t willing to sacrifice aggressiveness at the same time. It’s got dynamism, badass instrumentation and enough variety to keep you interested. In today’s climate of kids shredding on YouTube, it’s a wonder these five dudes from London aren’t bigger.””

—  Ben Chipman, Metalblast.net

“The air of sophistication in which The Emptiness Within operates is distinctive and is probably too cerebral for the pale-toned, blast-beat borne black metal scene. Rather, De Profundis is one of the rare smorgasbord extreme metal bands that totally defy categorization”

—  David E. Gehlke, Blistering.com

“it’s clear that whatever influences the band has, they are simply that: influences. De Profundis haven’t found another band’s sound, stuck their flag in it and claimed it as their own. Instead they sailed past it (and several others), took the best bits and made a Frankenstein-like monster from them. This means that the music on “The Emptiness Within” is somewhat familiar but, at the same time, a completely different beast. It’s new, fresh and exciting – something that’s particularly important and impressive in a time when ideas seem to be recycled over and over again.”

—  Louise Yardley, Loucifer Speaks

“If you are coming into this album as the first exposure you’ve had to De Profundis, then boy, is this album going to knock your boots off! This album is the perfect blend of a few key genres that these guys pull together with precision to craft beautiful melodies and epic songs. With black metal being the predominant sound here, the band uses it as a backbone and then throws in death metal and even what sounds to me like a small dose of Viking metal to sweeten the pot, which is completely new for this band. De Profundis don’t even stick to one style of black metal. Not only can they pull off a progressive style with mid-tempo soaring harmonies and classic guitar shredding but they can also switch over to in-your-face, blast beaten driven black metal as well.”

—  Kevin Juliff, The New Review

“As a whole the album flows seamlessly from the first note to the last. It took me several listens before I began to get a feel for the music. At first it didn’t really strike me in any way but the more I began to listen to each instrument on it’s own the more I began to really appreciate what I was hearing. I’m not going to go through song highlights as I often do because there really is just too many to count. It’s one of those albums that you can’t really go wrong with any of the songs which is a testament to the strength and consistency of the song writing.”

—  James, Midwinter Fires

“There’s a massive jump up in class when De Profundis take to the stage, and despite the sound not doing justice to the subtleties that they have to offer, the sheer class of their new material cannot be disguised. Every band member performs with supreme confidence and, at times, breathtaking ability as they bring the likes of “Release” and “Delirium” to vibrant, dynamic life. Having delivered their finest album to date, De Profundis are definitely stepping things up on stage as well.”

—  Chris Kee, Zero Tolerance

“8/10 – It is a giant who stands before us, massive and powerful, but yet all in subtlety… The group guide us with consistency through compositions whose length never comes taint interest… The structure of album has been crafted to allow a true sequence of ideas and moods… [‘A Bleak Reflection’ is] an opus that black metal fans will certainly appreciate, prog-fans will listen with interest, and proponents of doom/death will find enough interesting ingredients to give the album some well-deserved plays.”

—  metalchroniques.fr

“76/100 – …Comparisons to [De Profundis] are not really appropriate, since there are so few references…Take a healthy dose of progressive death metal including Sadist-esque bass-playing, the ambiance and guitar melodies of My Dying Bride and a dark sense of adventure…”

—  zwaremetalen.com (NL)

“8/10 “Editor’s Pick” – …’A Bleak Reflection’ is a fantastic start for Doom in 2010… Musically, [De Profundis] show creativity and innovation… Anyone who shows enthusiasm for interesting, varied and incredibly atmospheric music should give ‘A Bleak Reflection’ a chance.”

—  metal.de

“8/10 – …different shades of extreme metal melt into the intense De Profundis sound…”

—  ice-vajal.com

“7.5/10 – …a very special album, difficult to classify well in its complexity, beautifully produced and masterfully executed and composed…”

—  Heavyworlds.com (IT)

“8/10 – In a way, De Profundis came up in the wrong decade. In the ’90s, they would have fit right in with the Peaceville Three. Their brand of doom metal is very melodic, very English… [But] in a way, De Profundis came up in the right decade… Not only have they mastered the Peaceville Three vibe, they’ve also studied death and black metal… This record has the organic feel of Individual Thought Patterns, but with a much wider palette… The real magic is in the combination [of the ingredients]. Melodies twist and rub against each other; sometimes they embrace, but at other times they grapple. Then they disappear down holes of deep riffing, only to re-emerge lusher than before, layered with clean tones and hushed vocals. Like the best dark chocolate, the taste is bittersweet. Unlike so much of modern doom, there’s light, however flickering, at the end of the tunnel.”

—  Decibel Magazine USA (Review of A Bleak Reflection)

“4.5/6 “Featured Album” – With “A Bleak Reflection”, the band have again avoided fitting easily into any pigeonhole… Melodic, heavy and strangely tranquil, even when Craig Land’s superb guttural vocals are roaring from the speakers. This isn’t doom in the spirit-crushing sense; rather, the album is imbued with an elegiac, melancholy atmosphere which is paradoxically both soothing and metallic. The black metal influences which were detectable on “Beyond Redemption” also crop up all over “A Bleak Reflection”, notably on ‘Nocturnal Splendour’ and the superb, epic “Ablaze in Autumn’s Fire”… A key feature of this album is the seamless flow and ebb of the music, even the use of blastbeats followed by a melodic solo on ‘Cold is the Grave’ enhancing, rather than disturbing, the carefully built-up atmosphere… [This album is] a major step forward from a first-class band.”

—  Zero Tolerence Magazine UK (Review of A Bleak Reflection)

“8/10 – Now this is something quite pleasant – in the gloomiest, most unpleasant sense of the word, of course. De Profundis have shared a stage with Iron Maiden, and, although “A Bleak Reflection” is far closer to the likes of Swallow the Sun and Katatonia, its almost addictive, doomy resonance promises adulation from metal fans of all varieties.”

—  Terrorizer Magazine UK (Review of A Bleak Reflection)

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